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Couples and families must navigate many challenges and milestones over the course of a lifetime. And some of these challenges may require the skill and guidance of an experienced New York family law attorney.

Each family has its own unique set of emotional and financial concerns, especially as they relate to conflicts surrounding a divorce. At The Law Office of Ryan Besinque, New York City family lawyer Ryan Besinque and our family law attorneys in NY respect the individual experience of all our clients and are dedicated to providing the strongest legal representation during these trying times.

As a top-rated family law firm in New York, we compassionately assist each client with their specific family law issues so they can face the future with optimism. To schedule a consultation with New York’s top-rated divorce attorney Ryan Besinque, call at (929) 251-4477.

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New York family law deals with family-related issues and conflicts that occur between couples and their family members, including divorce, child custody, child support, spousal support, and other situations that may arise between a couple. And while having a New York lawyer for family law is not always necessary, in most cases, it offers the best option for ensuring that your family law interests and those of your family are represented.

If you are dealing with a family law issue, New York attorney Ryan Besinque and the experienced New York family law attorneys at The Law Office of Ryan Besinque can help you find the best solution in what may seem like the worst of times. We are dedicated to listening to, and supporting our client’s goals and helping them reach sustainable solutions. For a free consultation with NY divorce attorney Ryan Besinque, please call (929) 251-4477

Child CustodyFactors considered in child custody cases include the parent-child bond, primary caretaker, stability of the family home, willingness to cooperate, work schedules, ability to provide consistent care, and history of domestic or substance abuse.
Types of Child CustodyNew York City has three types of child custody arrangements: Full Custody (parent has complete control over decisions), Physical Custody (determines primary residence and day-to-day details), and Joint Custody (both parents share decision-making, even if one has physical custody).
Child SupportNew York requires both parents to contribute financially to support their children, covering essentials like food, shelter, clothing, and additional expenses such as education, medical costs, and health insurance.
Child Support ModificationChild support can be modified due to significant changes in a parent’s life, such as job loss or illness. Modifications can result in increased or decreased support payments. It’s crucial to address modifications promptly as they are not retroactive and not subject to refunds.
Spousal Support and AlimonySpousal support or alimony may be considered based on factors like income, future earning potential, need for additional training, duration of the marriage, age and health of each spouse, contributions to the marriage, caregiving responsibilities, property distribution, wasteful spending, and domestic violence.
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Who is Responsible For Child Support in New York City?

In the State of New York, both parents are responsible for the financial support of their children. But many believe that when custody is shared, neither parent must pay child support to the other. This is usually incorrect.

When parents share custody, the primary custodial parent will typically receive child support payments from the non-primary custodial parent. When the child spends equal time with both parents, the one who earns more usually pays child support to the lower-wage earner.

In addition, couples can come to agreements outside of these typical scenarios. It is important for divorcing spouses to understand their legal rights and responsibilities before they agree to anything. Once the child support award is in place, there can be serious legal and financial consequences if the father or mother fails in his or her child support responsibilities.

At The Law Office of Ryan Besinque, our experienced New York child support attorneys guide our clients each step of the way.  With our help, you may be able to better understand what you are legally entitled to and your responsibilities under the law in New York. If you need legal advice from an experienced New York City child custody lawyer regarding a family law case, contact us at (929) 251-4477.  

Our Clients Testimonials
Marco Barone
Marco Barone
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Having Ryan as Lawyer it’s not only having a sure professional lawyer by your side , but it’s a blessing! It’s above the professionalism because he has a Human side that makes you feel considered and safe. With so much understanding! Thanks so much for helping me with my case in family court your help was precious.
Nancy Sanchez
Nancy Sanchez
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My ex and I really had a messy divorce. It was so stressful and emotional, we both couldn’t agree on many important issues. Having Ryan Besinque as my divorce lawyer really eased all my worries. He really helped me through this mess. He was with me every step of the process. He is calm, trustworthy, skilled, prepared, and a true professional. He really cares about me and my family’s well being. He gave me hope that things will get better. He explained everything to me in a manner that I can easily comprehend. He’s really one of the best NYC divorce lawyers. Hire him. You won’t regret it.
Alex Teller
Alex Teller
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I hired Ryan to do my prenuptial agreement, and I'm really happy I did. He was always so quick to respond, and to follow up with me and for me. He listened, and created something I feel very confident about going into marriage with. I appreciated the advice and suggestions he gave as well. I would, without question, recommend him to anyone!
Eric Hagstrom
Eric Hagstrom
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Ryan did a great job writing my prenup with some non-standard elements, really great attitude, very responsive, very professional. Highly recommend
Matt Freeman
Matt Freeman
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Ryan Besinque is one of the most down to earth, professional, and hard working lawyers I’ve ever retained. He guided me through my uncontested divorce, child support and custody. If you are looking for a lawyer who will go to bat for you and knock it out of the park, he is your lawyer! He is absolutely worth every penny!
Jenny Ruiz
Jenny Ruiz
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I am happy to write a review about Mr. Besinque. I have a custody case, and the court referred my case over to him, and I was represented for free. It was my first time going through this complex process, and to be honest, I was scared because I didn't know what to expect. After speaking to him, he made everything so simple to understand, and I navigated the process with great confidence. Mr. Besinque’s knowledge and experience gave me the peace of mind I needed. I recommend Mr. Besinque to anyone looking for a lawyer where your family’s best interests are protected.

Legal Family Law Practice Areas

Family law encompasses many different areas. The Law Office of Ryan Besinque offers representation for any of your family’s legal needs, including:

Contested uncontested divorce

Visitation and parenting agreements

Custody and support modifications

Division of marital assets and debt

New York child support

Alimony and spousal support

Sole child custody

Joint child custody

Legal separation

Postnuptial agreements

Domestic violence

Prenuptial agreements

And other matters of family law in New York. If you need professional legal advice, let us help. Call now at (929) 251-4477

Minimizing Conflict, Maximizing Results

A family troubled by divorce or other family law crises is often overwhelmed by emotions and must navigate difficult terrain. The law surrounding divorce and other family law concerns can be overwhelming for families who are not well-versed in the said areas—having an attorney can help you understand your rights and help you receive a more favorable outcome.

At The Law Office of Ryan Besinque, experienced New York lawyer Ryan Besinque and our team of top-rated rated lawyers for family law attempt to minimize conflict in any family law matter and maintain a calculated legal approach in everything we do, with a focus on the client’s best interests and in accordance with their long-term goals. While negotiation is our first line of defense, we do not shy away from litigation if it will give our clients and their family’s the most benefits in the case.

To request a free consultation with New York attorney Ryan Besinque, please call (929) 251-4477.

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Any New York divorce will require a couple to resolve certain things before a divorce can be granted. Before a final divorce settlement is granted, the couple must have:

Met state of New York residency requirements

Determined their grounds for divorce

Decided on how their marital property and debts will be divided

Agreed on who pays child support and what amount

Agreed on whether any spousal support is warranted

Decided on who will have legal and physical custody of any minor children and developed a parenting agreement

In the state of New York, there are two types of divorce: contested and uncontested. The kind of divorce will be predicated on the ability of a couple to come together and make important decisions regarding their divorce and their respective futures.

For those couples who can mutually agree on the terms of their divorce, uncontested divorces are ultimately less expensive and more expeditious options. An NYC uncontested divorce lawyer can help couples work out and negotiate any lingering items, fulfill necessary legal requirements, and file the appropriate legal documents to assist a couple with their uncontested divorce.

Contested divorces are those divorces where a couple cannot agree on many terms and must rely on the court to make these decisions for them. When the court imposes terms on the divorcing couple, each spouse must live by those terms. In a contested divorce, it is critical to have an experienced family attorney in NY to represent a spouse’s interests before the court.

In most cases, divorces are hybrids between a truly uncontested divorce and a contested divorce. While a contested divorce may seem inevitable, a skilled New York attorney for family law can often direct negotiations and help spouses come to mutually beneficial terms well before the family court intervenes.

At The Law Office of Ryan Besinque, our skilled NY divorce lawyers are experienced in all family law matters and work with the best interests of each client in mind. If you need legal assistance finalizing your divorce agreements and ensuring that the proper legal procedures are followed, please call us today to schedule a free consultation with a New York family lawyer: at (929) 251-4477

Attorney Ryan Besinque Discusses New York Grounds for Divorce and No-Fault Divorce

New York laws require a couple to have a reason to divorce, called “grounds” for divorce. Before 2010, divorce was fault-based unless the couple agreed to a legal separation of one year. But now, a couple may divorce based on the ground of the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. This situation is referred to as a no-fault divorce.

Before New York allowed no-fault divorces, unhappy marriages became even more painful and contentious when one partner had to blame the other for the divorce. Now, a divorcing couple can claim that the marriage has been irretrievably broken for at least six months, allowing a couple to end the marriage with greater ease and less animosity.

There are times, however, when a fault-based ground is advantageous to a spouse. Cooperative resolution is not always possible or even advisable. Sometimes, the best approach is an aggressive one. If you are considering a divorce, the experienced New York City family law attorneys at The Law Office of Ryan Besinque would be glad to guide you through the best process for your unique situation. To schedule a free consultation with a New York attorney, please call (929) 251-4477.

Child custody is often one of the most contentious issues in a divorce. Custody has multiple variations, and many factors will be considered by the court, such as:

  • Each parent’s bond with the child
  • Who has been the primary caretaker
  • The stability of the family home
  • Parent’s willingness to cooperate
  • Work schedules
  • Who may be better able to provide consistent care
  • If there has been a history of domestic or substance abuse

We always believe parents should have critical input and strive to work together to come to mutually beneficial child custody terms. Once the court intervenes, they have one priority: the child’s best interests. This intervention may or may not be at the parents’ convenience. While the court will try to be as fair and equitable as possible, a judge will never approve any custody agreement unless they believe it is in the child’s best interests. An experienced New York family law attorney’s guidance is critical in this situation.

At The Law Office of Ryan Besinque, we have years of experience negotiating child custody terms and assisting clients to come to agreements that suit both their needs and that of their children. Once a judge intervenes, having a skilled legal representative in your corner is even more critical to making your case. If you would like to schedule a free consultation to review your claim, call us today at (929) 251-4477

No matter where you are located in New York City, whether it is in Brooklyn’s Ditmars Park or Manhattan’s center, the outcome of your child custody case will depend on one question. What results does the Family Court Judge consider to be in the child’s best interests? This standard may seem vague, but it will be helpful to have a New York child custody attorney who is well-versed in the factors that New York Family Court Judges will consider when deciding on your case.

New York has three types of Child Custody arrangements. Knowing and understanding them is essential for you to fight for what is best for your child. These three types are:

  • Full custody: When you receive Full Custody, it signifies that you have complete control over all decisions that impact your child’s life and welfare. It means you can decide where you want the child to live and how who will educate them. You also choose which doctors and what kind of faith you want your child to be raised with.
  • Physical custody: Alternatively, it is known as Residential Custody. This type of custody specifies the primary place of residence for the child. The Physical Custody agreement will determine the decisions that affect the child’s day-to-day life. The Physical Custody parent can choose the meals, bedtimes, and other details that the child needs.
  • Joint Custody: Also known as Shared Custody. This type of custody refers to an arrangement where both parents have equal rights in deciding the child’s education. Also, remember that in Joint Custody, both parents will have to share the decisions equally, even if one parent has physical custody of the child.

The resolution of your New York Child Custody case will depend on how the courts will address the issue in your child’s best interest. Having a New York child custody lawyer is essential to understanding how the process works and what your next steps should be to receive a favorable outcome. Call the Law Office of Ryan Besinque in New York at (929) 251-4477 to learn more about child custody and how we can help. 

New York requires that both parents contribute financially to support their children, even after the parents are no longer married. The premise behind child support is that children have access to the same financial resources they would have had if their parents had remained married.

When a couple divorces or separates, child support sets out how each spouse will contribute to the financial support of their child. While it is typical for a primary custodial parent to receive child support from the other parent, this is not always the case.


New York laws state basic standards and calculations across all income levels to ensure consistency and fairness when making child support awards. Basic child support pays for daily essentials for food, shelter, and clothing. In addition to essential child support, there are “add-ons” such as education and medical expenses, health insurance, and other expenses. Many sources of income will be considered, as well as many types of costs. Once the court awards child support, it is more difficult to change, and failure to pay can have financial and legal consequences.

A family law attorney’s job is to help clients understand their responsibilities, collect correct income figures, establish all potential expenses and deductions, and help guide parties toward a resolution. If this is not possible, a New York attorney for family law will represent the spouse’s interests.

The experienced New York family law attorneys at The Law Office of Ryan Besinque assist and guide our clients toward understanding their legal rights or obligations related to child support. If you need help with a case involving child support, child custody, or any family law matter, call us at (929) 251-4477

Child support modification is possible if there are significant changes in a parent’s life, such as a job loss or a serious illness. These situations can either allow the support to be decreased or increased. Child support modification matters should be handled quickly, as child support payments cannot be retroactive and are not subject to refunds.

If the courts decide that a modification to child support is appropriate for your case, they will apply the Child Support Standards Act formula to all parental income above $143,000. The court can use its discretion to determine how much support you should receive if your combined income is higher than this amount.

If both parents are able to come to an agreement about the child support modification, they do not have to apply the state guidelines. New York City family attorney Ryan Besinque is experienced in assisting clients to draft the documents for their child support modification. With a skilled attorney, clients may be able to  understand their rights and responsibilities when they “negotiate the terms of your agreement.” It is important to ensure that the agreement you have made will be valid in court, should any court intervention be required. Contact the Law Office of Ryan Besinque today to schedule a consultation. 

Depending on unique aspects of a marriage, alimony or spousal support may be considered by the court. Spousal support can be either temporary or permanent, based on many factors, including:

  • The income of each spouse
  • Future earning potential of each
  • If one spouse may require additional training to become self-supporting
  • How long the marriage lasted
  • The age and health of each spouse
  • How each contributed to the marriage
  • If one spouse is required to care for someone at home
  • As consideration in an unbalanced distribution of marital property
  • Any wasteful spending by one spouse
  • Any domestic violence in the household

Every divorce is different, and the court may make other considerations when awarding one party spousal support. If you are considering divorce and will need spousal support to go forward, your New York family law lawyer can help prove your need to the court.

Spousal support orders in New York often play a role in divorce cases, requiring one former spouse to provide financial support to the other as per the state’s family law. Alimony can take the form of either permanent payments, which continue until the recipient spouse’s death or remarriage, or durational payments, which are set for a specified period.

When financial circumstances change, it may become necessary to modify the alimony arrangement. It is crucial to seek advice from an experienced alimony modifications lawyer in New York to understand the legal justifications for modifications and ensure compliance with the state’s Domestic Relations law while considering your financial situation.

New York law identifies several factors that may warrant adjustments to alimony payments, such as financial, medical, or personal changes affecting either party. These changes can result in increased, decreased, or terminated payments and include:

  • Changes in the supporting spouse’s income (excluding voluntary reductions).
  • Changes in the dependent spouse’s income.
  • Increases in the cost of living.
  • Disability or illness affecting either spouse.
  • Financial emergencies impacting either spouse.
  • Cohabitation of the dependent spouse with another person.
  • Remarriage of the dependent spouse.
  • Retirement.
  • Additionally, other changes that cause financial hardship for either spouse may also justify modifications to the support payments.

Attorneys for Domestic Violence

Divorces involving domestic violence can be extremely dangerous, particularly when navigating a divorce. Domestic violence affects the emotional and physical welfare of the abused party and their children. It also has a detrimental legal effect on the accused, from child custody and visitation to equitable distribution of assets in New York. These situations demand a high level of experience to ensure the safety of all involved and protect the rights of anyone who has been wrongfully accused of domestic violence.

Suppose you are a victim of domestic violence in your marriage. In that case, you should get to a safe place immediately and contact an experienced New York domestic violence lawyer to help protect your safety and legal rights. At The Law Office of Ryan Besinque, our skilled New York family law attorneys specialize in divorces involving domestic abuse and violence and advocate aggressively for our client’s welfare and rights.

In New York, our laws allow equitable distribution of all marital assets. Marital assets are those acquired during the time the couple was married. These can include:

  • The marital home
  • Any other properties acquired during the marriage
  • Jointly held businesses
  • Vehicles
  • Retirement accounts
  • Stocks, bonds, IRAs, and other investments
  • Artwork
  • Jewelry

In today’s world, many couples come into a marriage with their assets, and these separate assets are not subject to equitable distribution. But some separate assets may convert to marital assets after the marriage. Your New York attorney for family law can help you understand the nuances of marital assets and debt relating to equitable distribution.

At The Law Office of Ryan Besinque, our team of experienced NYC divorce attorneys ensures that comprehensive valuations are made to determine the actual value of marital assets to ensure our clients get fair distribution for their estate. We aggressively advocate for our clients in court if an agreement cannot be negotiated between spouses. If you need legal assistance for family law matters, contact us today at (929) 251-4477.

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Why Having a Skilled NYC Family Law Attorney is Critical

When navigating difficult family-related issues, having skilled legal representation can make a huge difference in the outcome of your divorce or other challenges, from negotiating terms to advocating before a court of law. You deserve a lawyer who makes you a top priority.

At The Law Office of Ryan Besinque, you can rely on Mr. Besinque and our experienced team of NY family lawyers for compassionate yet aggressive representation both in and out of court. Your best interests and that of your family are what we are dedicated to. Contact us through our website or call us at (929) 251-4477 for a free, confidential consultation.

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